Maddie goes to the Buckner Middle School at the Tipton.The Buckner Middle School is runned by nuns.London had to go there and she caused alot of trouble for Maddie.Maddie was really excited that London was coming but that excitement faded away when London got Maddie (and herself ) in detention.When London got caught talking to her new friends the nun/teacher asked London if she had any suggestions on how to run the school are something like that (like any teacher would do). London was telling her how she would run it.While she was telling the non/ teacher all kinds of stuff Maddie was whispering to her to be quiet but she ignored her.Maddie got frustrated and throw ed a crumbled papper.She tried to hit London to get her to be quiet but she accidentally hit the nun/teacher.The nun/teacher gave them detention.They thought that it couldn't get any worse it did!During detention The nun/teacher told them to stay in the room while she goes to something that was really important.London made Maddie leave the room when they were about to go back in the room a boy closed the door on them and locked it.He refused to unlock the door.To try to get them out of trouble Maddie and London dressed up as nuns and thought nobody would noticed.All nuns thought they were their special guest.

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