Template:Character infoboxBob is one of the boys' best friends. He is dyslexic. Zack meets him in school one day when he was moved into a regular class from a special education class because he was doing so well in it. He likes to play Total World Conquest with the boys and Cody's friends, Warren and Jeremy, though they almost never finish their games because Zack and Cody usually end up fighting. Bob, as shown in Smart & Smarterer and Odd Couples, is somewhat impatient. He speaks fluent French, as illustrated in the episode French 101. In the episode, Back in the Game, one of his beliefs is frequent, short naps. In Forever Plaid, he states that his favorite subject is Science. Bob is shown to also be talented in wood shop, creating a very well made rocking chair. He has a (possibly twin) sister, as shown in Election, and a younger brother mentioned in Twins at the Tipton. Bob likes to visits Zack and Cody just because the doorman calls him "sir". He was Puck the Fairy in the show's version of A Midsummer Night's Dream, is on their basketball team and worked at the boys' club seen in "Club Twin" selling soda. Bob is very vulnerable to poison oak, shown in the episode "Ah! Wilderness". In the episode "Super Twins", he is the first (and the only) child to be adultified by the Meanager (Moseby) - which causes the twins remark later that he has a booming insurance business. However, this is dropped when Zack turns back time at the end of episode. Bob is one of Zack and Cody's most frequent friends featured on the show with 18 appearances. He visits Zack and Cody on the S.S. Tipton in "The Suite Life on Deck", which revealed he is now dating Cody's ex-girlfriend Barbara.