Cody Goes to Camp is the tenth episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and the thirteenth episode produced. The episode starts when Cody is going to the a Math Camp, and Zack, starts to miss him. Meanwhile, Mr. Moseby is teaching London how drive.

Episode Summary Edit

Cody goes to Camp Knock-a-number (Math Camp) with his friend Tapeworm and meets a new friend, Warren. At the same time, Zack is excited to be free from his brother but soon finds out he's alone and doesn't have anybody to play with. London gets her learner's permit, and then starts her driving lessons with Mr. Moseby, but things don't go that well when she crashes into the Tipton because Mr. Moseby was making her nervous (and she spent a lot of time complaining).

Zack gets worried because Cody doesn't return his calls, and convinces London into driving him to the camp to visit. London and Zack run away with Muriel as their supervision and Maddie -- having kidnapped her after she threatens to tell -- and after being stopped twice by the police, they arrived at the camp where Zack finally admits he missed Cody (but it took a while). Cody explains he missed Zack, but he still wants to stay at the camp. Mr. Moseby and Carey (who discovered from Esteban) arrive to get Zack, London, Maddie and Muriel. While going back to the hotel, Mr. Moseby once again stresses London, but he finally learns she's a good driver and needs to stop complaining. In the end, Cody returns to the hotel.

Memorable Quotes Edit

  • London: You mean, the PRINDL!"
  • Tapeworm: "They serve 3 squared meals a day! Get it? Squared! You know, math camp?!"
  • Zack: "I told the teacher you couldn't pay me to spend 2 weeks with a bunch of Math geeks."
  • Muriel: "I'm not cleaning that up."

  • "I suppose I do have a slight tendency to be a bit critical." - Mr. Moseby.
  • " 'Suppose'?" - Maddie
  • " 'Slight'?" - Zack
  • " 'Tendency'?" - Carey
  • " 'A bit'?" - London

Trivia Edit

  • London's car's badge, said: "2RCH4U", who will be to say: "Too (2) Rich (RCH) for (4) You (U)"
  • Here, we see that Zack and Cody were born 10 minutes apart, but in real life, Dylan and Cole Sprouse were born 15 minutes apart.

Allusions Edit

The title is a parody of the popular 1987 film, Ernest Goes to Camp.