Daycare is the 29th episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Maddie has to leave Camp Tipton (a daycare center) due to a family emergency and Esteban and the Kids look after them. But that does not work out too well.

Episode SummaryEdit

Maddie is working at Camp Tipton, a daycare center. Zack and Cody come in to ask about recycling. Maddie has to leave due to a family emergency. When Maddie's grandma is caught doing the limbo in the lobby. While she walks her grandma home, she leaves Esteban in charge. Later on, he leaves Zack and Cody to take care of the kids so he can run the hotel. But this is a disaster, the children are little nightmares!

When the twins lose the kids, they have to chase after them and keep Maddie from getting fired. Meanwhile, London insists that Carey and Mr. Moseby to take yoga lessons. At first, Mr. Moseby takes the phone calls and gets stressed, but eventually he gets the knack of it and is stress free.

tipton daycare clubEdit

It starts of when Woody and Bailey fink look over the daycare club they both decide to turn it into a business so they have help to re-furbish the daycare brand new furnishings and furnuite they even have a plague saying Tipton daycare club its mainly for the kids with new entertainment and a Suqquirl club who organises outings and things to do for the kids and a bar that has juice and biscuits served by Kurt Martin who is dressed as Eitan from the Bratz boyz and a famous clown provides entertainment for the kids and Romando who preforms magic also keeps the kids entertained a new singer arrives at the club it turns out to be London Tipton and sings her new song not only is it in the charts its also out for sale in the shops for her english fans