Doin' Time in Suite 2330 is the 805th episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Zack and Cody are grounded, but Cody needs to produce London's webshow.

Episode SummaryEdit

Up at Suite 2330, Carey is yelling at Zack and Cody for ruining a wedding. Soon after, Mr. Moseby comes in with cake all over his face. Zack and Cody get severely grounded. Presumably the next day, Zack and Cody are caught playing video games in their room after being grounded. Carey bans the boys from the TV, baking and games. Once Carey is about to leave for work, London bursts in in a panic. She tells Cody to come to her suite to produce the next episode of Yay Me! Starring London Tipton!

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "Okey-dokey. I'll take them both. But, I wanna deal for the second one." - London Tipton.
  • "London, you can't buy my sons. (Zack belches) We talking cash?"
  • "I'm just going to get Chris Brown's autograph for my..." - Marion Moseby.
  • "Well, maybe you can breaking the cycle his time by not grounding us." - Zack Martin.
  • "London, those are the questions for Bigfoot!" - Maddie.


  • This episode was pulled from the U.S. Disney Channel after Chris Brown's assault charges for beating up pop star Rihanna.
  • Second time a suite number was mentioned in the title. First was "The Ghost in Suite 613"
  • The German episode title is "Die Cheetah Girls zu Gast im Tipton", meaning "The Cheetah Girls To Guest At The Tipton.