Grounded on the 23rd Floor, is the fifth episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, and the first episode produced. This was the Original Plot, because it was one time clothes, furniture's, etc.

Episode Summary Edit

The twins get grounded on the 23rd floor in their suite for misbehaving because they almost broke a vase as well as them spending a lot of money on room service. When they overhear Mr. Moseby say they are burdens they decide to sneak into a celebrity wedding to take a picture of the couple's first kiss so they can make money to repay their mom. Meanwhile, Maddie needs money so she gets a job babysitting Zack and Cody. Mr. Moseby informs the couple that their singer can't make it. Zack and Cody overhear them talking and suggest that Carey sing at the wedding.

Carey gets the job singing at the wedding but still wont let Zack and Cody attend. So when Maddie babysits, Zack sneaks out while Cody covers for him. He sneaks through an air vent and gets to the wedding room to take the picture of the couples kiss. Maddie discovers Zack is gone and Cody and her go through the air vent to find him.

At the wedding, Zack takes a picture while the another photographer also sneaks to the wedding despite at the wedding is a rule: No photographers. Everyone chases the another photographer. Cody and Maddie rescue him. Zack, Cody and Maddie try to return to the suite by the air vent, but they are caught by Mr. Moseby.

In the end, Carey demands an explanation from the twins. Zack and Cody are forced to explain all. Carey tells them that they're not burdens, she has to make money, and they're grounded again.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "What bill? Room and food are the part of my deal. " - Carey Martin.
  • "Okay, I've only babysat you guys for 30 minutes, what do you do now? Rob a casino?" - Maddie Fitzpatrick.
  • "My daddy owns the hotel, duh!" - London Tipton.
  • "And whatever's left, we can give to charity! " - Cody Martin.
  • "So what you're really saying is, that this is all your fault and we're not punished?" - Zack Martin

Trivia Edit

  • In this episode, Ashley Tisdale's natural brown hair is shown.
  • When London and Zack are finished crawling through the vent, London opens the door thing. Instead of London's magenta sleeve, Maddie's pink sleeve is there instead.
  • It's obvious that Dylan has freckles in this episode. Cole does too.
  • This was supose to be the first episode of the series
  • There was a alternate version of this episode that also was shown with different cuts and extended scenes