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Lip Synchin' in the Rain
Season: 3
Episode: 74th
Production Code: 318
Starring: Dylan Sprouse

Cole Sprouse Brenda Song Ashley Tisdale Phil Lewis Kim Rhodes

Special Guest: Mitchell Whitfield as Mr. BlaineMark Indelicato as Antonio
Title Reference: Singin' in the Rain
Airdate: August 12, 2007

Lip Synchin' in the Rain, is the 74th episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, and the 18th episode of Season 3. The episode starts when Maddie tells Cody that the play in their high school will be High School Musical. In the high school, Cody tries to be Troy Bolton, Maddie and London both apply to be Sharpay Evans, and new guy Antonio tries to be Ryan Evans. When the results are shown on the school's website, Maddie sees she is going to be "Sharpay's Understudy"; because London will be Sharpay. When she talks with Antonio, he told her London's father is paying the next play of Mr. Blaine, "Floss".


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[edit] Episode SummaryEdit

The episode starts when Cody runs to his mom to tell her about the new school play, Zack wasn't happy like Cody; Moseby was even happier than Cody. Cody was happy, but he didn't know what was the play and immediately Maddie runs to the door, and she said to Cody, "Guess what our school play is! High School Musical!" [2][3]The AuditionsIn the auditions, Maddie met Antonio, the new spanish student. Cody asked Maddie what role she wanted to be casted, and she says confidently, "Sharpay, many people say that I look like Sharpay", but Cody replies, "I don't see it". Inmediately, Zack asked the same question to her and she replies similary.

Cody sang a song by Escules, Maddie sang "Bop to the Top" by her High School Musical counterpart, Antonio sang "Floss", and London sang "Yay me theme song". The director explained that Maddie was perfect for the role, but she's too kind and forgiving, not fit for the role of Sharpay.

After the auditions, the casting list was in the website of the their high school, Cody was Troy Bolton, Antonio was Ryan Evans. Maddie found that she was cast as Sharpay's understudy, much to her dismay. London was cast as Sharpay instead. Zack was hired as the backstage staff, moving the lights.

In the practice, Antonio told Maddie that London's father financed a broadway run of Mr. Blaines play "Floss", and because of that, Maddie was Sharpay's understudy. [4][5]All saying: "Please Maddie"...During rehearsal, London practiced with Antonio the song "Bop to the Top", but she sings horribly and dances terribly. After rehearsal, London asks Carey for singing lessons, and she started teaching her singing after she offered to pay her in diamonds. The classes didn't help much though. Carey asked her to sing an octave from C: Do, Re, Me, Fa, So, La, Ti and Do, and she repeated: Dough! Yay me! (claps) Far, So? Law, T (high-pitched and off key) ♪ Dough! ♪

After teaching her singing, Moseby went to the suite to ask what was the terrible noise, and London said that she was singing. Moseby said it was another noise, being the chicken he is. He offered to teach her how to dance after she was willing to pay him diamonds. Just like the class before, it didn't help much.

In the last practice for the school play, London asked Maddie if she would help to sing and she would lip-synch because her father Mr. Tipton is coming to see her. After many pleads from the whole cast crew, she accepted. [6][7]Maddie and London dancing "Bop to the Top"In the school play, Carey and Moseby said to Mr. Tipton what they taught her about singing and dancing during "What I've Been Looking For" when they saw how London "sang" in perfect-pitch. Which is actually just Maddie back stage. When it was time to sing, "Bop to the Top" during the middle of the song Zack wanted to show to the audience that it was really Maddie singing so he pulled the curtains and the curtains fell in Antonio; Maddie took his hat and danced and sang with London, encouraging London to show her father her true voice.

Antonio was jealous of Maddie and London's fame. He entered the scene and Zack and Cody came in too, trying to stop him. The five continued to dance. After the show, Maddie sealed a kiss with Zack. During the credits, London, Zack, Maddie, Cody and Antonio danced the "Floss Dance" in which everyone slowly leaves the stage.

[edit] SongsEdit

[edit] For High School MusicalEdit

  • Get'cha Head in the Game (the final)
  • What I've Been Looking For (the start)
  • Bop to the Top (complete)

[edit] For the AuditionsEdit

[edit] Memorables QuotesEdit

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[edit] AllusionsEdit

  • The title was a tribute to the famous song, Singin' in the Rain.

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[edit] TriviaEdit

  • Maddie (Ashley Tisdale) said she looks like "Sharpay" and "Ashley Tisdale". Ashley Tisdale plays "Maddie Fitzpatrick", and also, she played "Sharpay Evans" in "High School Musical"
  • The episode was performed before the premiere of High School Musical 2.
  • During the song "Floss," which the cast sings together at the end, the cast leaves 2 by 2. This is the opposite of the song at the end of HSM "We're All In This Together" when the cast joins 2 by 2
  • London thinks T is her favourite vowel, this would mean, she thinks there are 6 vowels.
  • Most likely, Disney told the producers to make a show with the High School Musical theme late in the season, considering the fact that production code episode number is 18, when the one aired before it is 8.
  • Seconds before the start of "Bop to the Top", the Director said: "Maddie, are you ready to Bop To The Top, because remember, We're All In This Together", the final song in "High School Musical", also, Maddie said: "Okay, You're Pushin' It to the Limit", a song of Corbin Bleu, a singer of "High School Musical".

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