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Mrs. Madigan is the music teacher at Cheevers High School. She is only seen in the episode: Orchestra.


Mrs. Madigan is the music teacher at Cheevers High School, and she is in charge of the grade 9 orchestra. She quite an angry person, yet she can show kindness, especially to the Russian violin prodigy, Sergei. She has a poster of him at her house. Madigan has a son in the orchestra class, but it seems like she does not treat him any differently to the rest of the kids in the class. She also seems to have a severe dislike of Zack Martin, because of the "Beware of Zack" sign in the teachers lounge. It is obvious that she consistently gets annoyed with Zack's antics.


Like a lot of teachers, Mrs. Madigan has a typical "teachers look". She looks fairly old, maybe in her 50's, and she is only seen in casual, school appropriate clothing. She has short, blond hair in a fringe style. She always wears a necklace.