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Parallel Arwin Hawkhauser is a parallel version of Arwin Hawkhauser, only seen in the episode: The Suite Smell of Excess, when Zack and Cody went to the alternate universe using Arwin's original invention, the Parallel Universaliser. Essentially, he is the opposite of the original Arwin.


Parallel Arwin is cool. Literally. He has a rock style look and talks very smoothly. He is the manager of the Parallel Carey Martin. Ironically, she has a large crush on him, (very similar to Normal Arwin crushing on Normal Carey) but he just sees them as friends. In the episode, he advised the boys that Parallel Carey was going on a 3-12 month tour, which stressed out Zack and Cody. He was promoting Carey's album: Who Needs Kids. It also seems like he is rich, becuase of what he wears.


Unlike Normal Arwin, Parallel Arwin has lots of Grey, yet good looking hair. At this point in time he was wearing an expensive leather coat, and he advised Carey not to wreck the leather. Parallel Arwin wears necklaces and fancy jewelery, in a similar fashion to London Tipton. He also wears a nice belt.