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Parallel London Tipton is a parallel version of London Tipton. So far, she has only been seen in the episode: The Suite Smell of Excess when Zack and Cody went to the alternate universe using the Parallel Universaliser. Essentially, she is the opposite of London becuase she works at the candy counter and gets a minimum wage, like Maddie.


Parallel London is incredibly smart, like Maddie, and she works as the Fitzpatrick Hotel as the Candy Counter girl. She is basically the opposite of normal London. She seems to be friends with Parallel Maddie Fitzpatrick, but like Normal London and Normal Maddie, they seem to bicker. She is constantly away of parallel Maddie's dumb and rich personality. Parallel London talks to Zack and Cody, and even offers them free candy. At this point in time, she was wearing Parallel Maddie's shoes.


Parallel London looks exactly the same, with the exception that she is wearing Maddie's small shoes and is in a Fitzpatrick Hotel (Tipton) Uniform. Another interesting trait is the tie. Maddie is the only one to customize her tie but Parallel London had the same style tie.