The Parrot Island

Parrot Island is one of Mr. Tipton's island, it first appearence was in a episode with the same name, Parrot Island.

Description Edit

Parrot Island was colonized by the British during the end of the age of exploration in 1762 on a Wednesday at lunchtime. It was once a popular tourist destination because of its parrots which were introduced to the island by explores when they were returning from the New World.

The island in the past was a beautiful island full of parrots with a lush jungle. But later, when Mr. Tipton finds it, he cuts down all the trees.

The only person shown that lives on it, is Simms (who is the police, judge, pie seller, etc); he catches London on Parrot Island, for being related to Mr. Tipton, and Moseby, Zack, Cody, Bailey and Woody, only for knowing London.

However, when London saw how the island was in the past, she donated a check of 10 million dollars to replant the forest. Parrot Island began replanting its trees, and the parrots have begun to come back.

It is also home to pigs and parrots.

On Parrot Island, Bailey found a very smart pig named Porkers. Porkers came when Bailey called him, got them the key out of Simms drawer, and started to make London a coffee, which he didn't finish because the ship was leaving in five minutes. At the end of the episode, while the credits ran along the bottom of the screen, there was a short scene between Moseby and Porkers. Moseby said that the Parrots were returning there, and that some pigs made a small habitat there and Porkers saw his mother in the picture. Moseby told Porkers that he had his mother's snout, but Porkers left because Moseby had bacon breath.