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Scamp Fitzpatrick is a dog who married Ivana in the episode: Crushed.


Scamp is the dog who Maddie Fitzpatrick bought. In the episode, Maddie's house was getting fumigated meaning that Scamp had nowhere else to go. Mr. Moseby said that there were no dogs allowed in the hotel except for London's dog Ivana. Once the two dogs met, they fell in love, but London did not notice this. Later on, London sets Ivana on a date with a snobby dog named Lord Quorckeran. Ivana did not like him at all. When Scamp crashed the dinner, Ivana and Scamp ran off the Suite 2500. It was revealed that Esteban was feeding them food. Eventually, they got married and had four children: Prince Percival Percimmon DuLac, Scruffy, Consuelo Margarita del Cielo and another puppy (unnamed). According to Ivana, Scamp is funny and cute.


Scamp is an unknown breed, but he is a fairly small dog. Scamp's colour is brown-black and light brown, with a tinge towards orange. He arrived in the episode "Maddie's House". He ran away with Ivana to Estaban's apartment, where he fed them food. This is where they had babies under watchful eye by Estaban. In the end the two dogs got married in the episode Crushed.