The Fairest of Them All, is the second episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, and the fourth episode produced. The episode starts when Carey, told to the boys her didn't have enough money to buy them new bicycles, when Cody see a girl who will be in a Beauty Contest, when Cody goes to give flowers to her, he puts a wig, and sit in one of the chairs. when one of the judge pass in front of him, she thinks that Cody is part of the contest.

Episode Summary Edit

Cody sneaks backstage at a Mini Miss Beauty Pageant to give flowers to one of the contestants, Rebecca. When Mr. Moseby almost catches him, Cody disguises himself as a girl but soon winds up entered in the contest. Zack wants Cody to win the contest so they can get new bikes, while Cody is thinking about quitting the contest to let Rebecca win. When the contest comes down between Rebecca, Cody, and Brianna, Cody plans to quit the contest to let Rebecca win the prize money, which she intended to use to go to veterinarian school.

Zack locks him in a closet and pretends to be Tyreesha. Cody escapes from the closet and jumps onto Zack during his turn on the stage. Cody and Zack are disqualified, and Rebecca is disappointed in Cody. Before Rebecca leaves, she tells Cody that she knows that he was going to quit the contest for her, and she kisses him on the cheek. Meanwhile, London, a past pageant winner, is basking in her former Mini Miss glory.

Memorable Quotes Edit

  • "(*normal voice*) A hockey player. (*high voice*) Or a princess. Whichever pays more." - Cody Martin.
  • "Ok, this thing is a total wash-out; the girls are all stuck up, phony..." - Zack Martin.
  • "I've already started working on your personal requests: foot roller, high wattage makeup mirror, and a bucket of fried possum fingers." - Marion Moseby.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode hosted one of the first television appearances for Victoria Justice, co-star on the hit Nickelodeon show: Zoey 101.
  • Cody had his first kiss in this episode.