Volley Dad is the 50th episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. London joins the Volleyball team and is hopeless... Until she gets mad. Meanwhile, Cody wants to sabotage Carey falling in love with Harvey.

Episode SummaryEdit

When Zack and Cody aren't comfortable with Carey's new rich boyfriend (Harvey), they call their dad Kurt to come over and save their mom from potential marriage.. A big surprise hits their heads, telling them that Harvey (Mom's new boyfriend) might propose to her.

Meanwhile, London joins Maddie's volleyball team (coached by Sister Rose), and they all realize that she is a pretty good player when she gets mad and angry, so Maddie takes the opportunity to make her team wins by ending up hurting London's feelings (she walks over to London's new boyfriend named Joe, who she met earlier, and kisses him on the lips).

Harvey's plans to propose to Carey don't exactly end up the way they were planned to be, as they are ruined by an excited Mr. Moseby (who gets the ring stuck on his finger), Zack, Cody and Kurt. Carey says that this is moving too fast, and disagrees on marrying Harvey. He takes it well. After this, Carey has a chat to Cody about what has happened. The episode ends on that.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "Did I hit it, too, hard?" - London Tipton.
  • "But call me dumb, and you can feel my rash!" - London Tipton.
  • "I'll think I'll name it, DeLorez.." - Zack Martin.
  • "Woah woah woah there, lets grab a hold of reality and take it for a ride shall we?" - Cody Martin.
  • "You left a diagram." - Kirk.


  • During the volleyball scenes when London jumps and hits the ball, you can tell that some shots are animated and some are real. Also, when London jumps to hit, it appears that she's been given a boost to reach the net to make the shot.
  • Look very closely when Mary-Margaret pulls out the lip balm: she pulls it out of her knee-pads.