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Livin' the Suite Life is the theme song of The Suite Life on Deck.

Writers and SingersEdit

  • Steve Hampton
  • John Adair


Oh Ay Oh
Oh Ay Oh
Come Along With Me
Lets Head Out To Sea
What This World Has For You And For Me Now
Whichever Way The Wind Blows
We Say Hay Ho Lets Go
Oh Ay Oh
This Boat's Rockin'
Oh Ay Oh
Ain't No Stopin' Us Now
Cause We're Livin' The Suite Life
Oh Ay Oh
This Boat's Rockin'
Oh Ay Oh
Rockin' The Whole World Round
Cuz We're Livin' The Suite Life Now
Hay Ho
Oh Ay Oh
Let's Go!


If you see closely when London is reading a magazine, you can see the magazine said London Tipton's Yay Me!, the alternative name of her webshow. Also, the 4 images of the magazine are in the exactly position of they in London's Fabulous Fashions, a site of Yay Me! Staring London Tipton, in was are 4 images, the biggest is the Promotional Image of London for The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, the anothers 3, are photos of her earrings, the clutch and boots. Also, the next image is the image of London's webshow.