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The Parallel Universaliser (or the P.U. for short) is a machine built by Arwin Hawkhauser. The machine itself is capable of taking the person(s) to alternate reality. The machine has only been seen in the episode: The Suite Smell of Excess.

What HappenedEdit

When Zack and Cody went down to Arwin's room, Arwin was hiding a machine under a blanket. The boys were curious, and Arwin finally revealed what it was. Arwin then needed to go to the "Little Janitor's Room", Zack and Cody went inside the machine. Zack puts a quarter in the machine and then Cody swipes his bus pass and the machine works. The fan at the top spins and the P.U. is struck by lightning. Zack and Cody hopped out of the machine and they were in an alternate reality. A lot had changed.

  • Maddie Fitzpatrick was as dumb as London.
  • London Tipton was the candy counter girl.
  • Carey Martin let the boys do anything and had a crush on Arwin.
  • Carey also has a best selling tour and was about to go on a 3-12 month world tour.
  • Arwin Hawkhauser was Carey's manager, and was cool and had hair.
  • Paris Hilton was president.
  • Mr. Moseby was chilled out and cheeky.
  • George Clooney was the face on coins.
  • The Hotel was called the "Tipton" not the "Fitzpatrick".
  • Maddie's father owned the Hotel.

Everything was very odd. After too many movies and too much junk food, the boys decided to go back. Cody swiped the bus pass and they hopped in. They did not go back. Then Cody hit a switch and the machine worked.


The Parallel Universaliser looks like a modified London phone booth. Inside the P.U. are a heap of buttons, a swipe machine and many wires. On top of this is a fan. This serves as some of the power.


These are some things that have visually changed thanks to the Parallel Universaliser.